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Why We Are Different.

Product Labels Have To Work Hard Extremely Hard !
From champagne to shampoo, product labelling is inextricably linked to sales.
Once your product hits the shelf, it’s your labelling that shoulders the responsibility of making sure your product stands out, engages with customers and communicates the essence of your brand.
They Have To Be Distinctive, They have To Be Attractive.

They Have To Reflect What’s Inside.

For labels that sparkle as well as startle, we have invested in the very latest six colour digital label press that produces unique printing techniques that brings depth and personality to labels for a difference that customers can see and feel.

What’s So Great About Digital Textured Labelling ? 

Textured labelling allows you to experiment with a range of finishing techniques - embossing & raising different parts of your label.


After all, unique, differentiated products deserve a label that reflects this.

How Does It Work ?

Rather than printing directly on to specifically textured paper/material, this method creates the textured layer on the paper with an ink jet digital printing press by layering the ink in a proposed pattern to create the desired textured effect. 


There are various benefits to this method of printing, but a key one is that the expenditure of stocking the various types of textured paper stock is eliminated.


Now simply define your desired texture at artwork stage, and let the ink jet printing process use the white ink to build those textured layers into your final label. 



How Can We Help.

We have just invested in a brand new Domino six colour unique N610i digital press which can offer you all of the above.


Are ready for the change ?

Contact us today to see & touch for yourself the real difference we offer.

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