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We are a passionate & dedicated award winning team producing the very highest quality digital labels. We work with Artisan and SME businesses to help them Add More Shelf Appeal to both their products and their brand...


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Best Drinks Industry Labels Supplier 2020 UK WINNER - DIRECT LABELS UK.

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About Us.

In A Crowded Marketplace Your Products & Brand Needs To Standout.


Please take the time to read about our latest success printing award winning digital labels for our friends at Square Root Soda.

They are famous for their all natural all fruity seasonal sodas. Their sodaworks bursts with flavour and personality, but it was also bursting at the seams. As Square Root moved facilities to supersize production, they needed a brand to help them supersize their success too, so they partnered with Thirscraftt & Direct Labels UK who have been our label suppliers since we started our company.

Getting to know the team behind Square Root, Thirstcraft & DLUK realised that Square Root is soda made with passion, personality and principles: essentially, it’s soda made right. With so much to say about each soda, We wanted a playful new brand. 

Held together by a confident new word mark, fruit stickers layer to tell the story of each soda. Peel and Reveal neck labels add a collectible element to the renewed range, while one liners add some personality to pack.

With limitless combinations together with lots of digital printing unique touches and tactile finish, Square Root’s fruit stickers can live anywhere, spreading the Soda Made Right message to the masses.


What's Unique ?
Peel and reveal stickers on the neck label add a hidden collectable element to the range and continue the connection with the fruit sticker and label inspiration.

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We Offer You.


In-House Design Team

Our in-house team are ready to assist you with simple editions to your existing artworks or to offer you a full design service.We work with thousands of different products per year so you can be sure we will offer you the right look for your brand.

Commercial Labels

We can supply you with any commercial labels you require, we have flexographic presses which can assist in longer print runs and we are specialist in producing peel and reveal labels, food safe labels, embossed labels and Pharmaceutical labelling.

We now  produce both recycled and Biodegradable labels along with compostable digital labels. Ask for details.


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We understand  the timings you work to and once your orders is complete we will send you full tracking details which will confirm your delivery. We also deliver worldwide and offer you the very best prices from our international couriers.

Free Digital Wet Proofs

We are so confident you will love the new features of our new unique digital label presses.


We will send you printed press proofs to make sure everything is correct before producing your order.

We will also send you our updated sample swatch  showing  you all the different finishes we offer completely free of charge when you place your order.


This will  guarantee the quality of our printing & right look, feel and finish for your brand.

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